When Dan and I began Benjamin Ministries to help fill a void in Christ centered bereavement in our local area, around the country and the world, we were convicted to never charge for the bereavement care packages that were carefully developed to help meet the needs for those who are in the bereaving process. God made it very clear to us that He wanted to show His faithfulness in providing the needs this type of ministry would have. For the 12 years that Benjamin Ministries has been reaching out to those in the grieving process God has been faithful. He has supplied the needs of the ministry in conjunction with the number of requests for packages.

This has become very compelling in the last few months as the Lord has sought to bring the attention of Benjamin Ministries to many more bereaving people around our great nation. From January through March Ben Min delivered its normal amount of requests ranging from 10-15 packages per month, with March seeing a total of 17 requests. When April brought requests of 40 packages, we were amazed at the increase, but blessed that the needed funds were available to deliver each package. Then came another record breaking month of requests in May when we received 92 requests. Again the finances came in to allow us to deliver each package. We are currently working on June packages and currently have the needed funds to deliver each of the 70 requests that came in for that month. Half of those packages have gone out and the next half will go out over the next two weeks. That brings us to July requests, all 133 of them, bringing Ben Min’s requests to an all-time high. Well, incredibly so, the funds brought into the ministry in July were also an all-time high for Ben Min!

It is a bit unnerving to not know how or from where God will bring in the funds Ben Min needs to continue reaching out to those who are hurting with our free care packages. Not more than 5 months ago we had a surplus in our bank account and could order our materials freely as the need arose for more. I am certain that God has chosen this time and unique place we are at in this ministry to clearly demonstrate His provision to His work. He wants it to be very evident that He alone “owns the cattle on 1000 hills” and desires that we trust Him all the more.

It is boldly stated on our website and brochure that our bereavement packages will remain a free gift for as long as God provides. It is through the generous donations of those who have a heart for the bereaved that He is providing for this work…His work. Though we are currently relying on His provision month by month in this phase of our ministry, we are thrilled to see Him do what He promises…remain faithful!

As I write this, we do not have all of the funds we will need to deliver all of those 133 July requests as of yet. We will begin work on the first half of those packages by the third week of August and will need to rely on God’s faithfulness once again for the second half of our July requests. As we learn how to trust Him more, we hope you will follow our mission and do the same.

He is faithful! He never fails, He is the provider of any need…the key is to follow Him and let Him lead and guide and direct, and speak to you with His still small voice. He is always speaking, but we have to be still and listen. In this fast paced, hurry, hurry, world, it is hard to be still and listen, but we must train ourselves to do so.

And remember this…you can never out give God! If you are in a position of need right now, find someone or some type of work to give to. God loves a faithful giver, and the more we give to help others, the more He is faithful to meet our needs! This is a great mystery, but so very true!

As we listen to Him, He will direct us, lead us to places we never imagined we would arrive at and show us how to grow stronger than we ever thought we could be! Are you ready for the journey?

To Him be all glory and honor and praise…Amen!

“Your mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens;Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.” Psalm 36:5