ROC the Day with Benjamin Ministries:

Benjamin Ministries is an annual participant in the United Way’s ROC the Day program, which encourages people to make donations to local not-for-profit organizations in the Greater Rochester area on one day. This year’s ROC the Day event happens on December 1, 2015.

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Bereavement Packages:

Our bereavement packages continue to be delivered across the country. For over 10 years we have been sending our packages. They are well recepted and in many cases the In Memoriam plaques we design for those who have lost a loved ones become a lifelong treasure. These packages have always been a gift of Benjamin Ministries and we, quite frankly, would have it no other way. As each package is valued between $45.00-$50.00 we depend on the help of generous donors for the ongoing costs and delivery of these packages.

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Christ-Centered Bereavement Support Groups:

The In the Light bereavement support group has been introduced and is growing in the Chili, NY area. This peer-led group is a meeting place for those who are hurting and in need a safe place to heal, bond, examine their hearts, and dive into the scriptures for treasures that will heal the very heart and soul of the bereaved. We ask that you would pray with us as we prepare to begin a second In the Light bereavement group in the Henrietta, New York area. As we see the need for new groups to begin, we will be happy to speak to local pastors to share awareness of a need that may be in their very own church and/or community and help them to establish a support group.

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Bereavement Respite Project:

Benjamin Ministries is currently working out details to begin a bereavement respite project for those who are experiencing complicated grief such as the loss of a child or spouse. The lighthouse, which is the symbol of Benjamin Ministries, reminds us of the beacon in a storm, a light that shines in darkness—just as God’s word is a light to the darkness of the world. We know His Word rescues us from that raging sea of grief. We are very excited to begin work on this project we will call the

 Bereavement Respite Project,

and expect to experience many miracles and wonderful stories from those who will receive help and hope as this project begins to move forward.

We are certain that many find themselves feeling helpless when they know of a family member or friend who has lost a child or spouse, or one who has had multiple losses in proximity. Can you imagine the joy that would come from knowing that folks can help to send a deeply grieving couple, family, widow/widower away on a 3-5 day respite as a gift from Benjamin Ministries? Whether being the sender or the receiver of a unique gift as this, we know this project will catch the hearts of many! We have a big audacious dream that one day Ben Min will obtain access or ownership to a lighthouse that the ministry can use as a

Bed & Breakfast Respite Center.

A dream this big begins with the prayers and gifts of many to support it. We invite you to pray hard with us as we work towards this unique and heart warming way to change the world in Christ centered bereavement support. If you are led to donate to this project please go to our donation page, submit your donation, and send us a quick email letting us know that you have specifically donated to this unique project.

Keep checking back for updates on this new and heartwarming ministry project and remember to sign up for our

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to receive updates and helpful bereavement support.

Branching Out:

Gathering Support from the local church…

We are very excited to report that we have started on the journey of presenting Benjamin Ministries to local churches in order to raise awareness and support for this vital ministry. We depend on the generosities of folks who share our vision to continue in reaching out to the bereaved. We do not take any financial gift lightly as we know that the gifts and resources given to our ministry are made from sacrifices deep in the hearts of those who carry our passion for those who are grieving. There is nothing that excites us more than knowing that we are working together to offer hope to the hurting during the intense time of needed support for those who are bereaving.

To learn more about how your church or organization can partner with Benjamin Ministries, contact us and request an information packet.