Our Bereavement Care Packages:

For 18 years we have been delivering our uniquely designed care packages throughout our local community and around the USA. They are always well received and in many cases the archival In Memoriam documents that we design for those who have lost a loved one(s) become a lifelong treasure. We have never charged for our bereavement care packages! They are a gift of Benjamin Ministries, and we would have it no other way. As each package is valued between $45-$50, we depend on the help of generous donors for the ongoing costs and delivery of each and every care package. Follow this link to—Learn more about our bereavement packages 

Our Bereavement Respite Project:


The Bereavement Respite Project has been established as a continuing effort to help those who are experiencing complicated grief. The Ben Min team understands that it is highly suggested to have a bereavement respite in order to help with the grieving process and we have been working hard behind the scenes to get this project up and running. We have heard the still small voice of the Lord and we’re listening.


An Escape to the Braddock Point Lighthouse B&B

We have chosen this historic lighthouse on the shores of Lake Ontario in Hilton New York, which has been Established by the United States Lighthouse Establishment (USLHE) in 1896, and has been restored to its original Victorian splendor for its charming and peaceful surroundings. For those who are grieving a complicated loss(es), a stay at Braddock Point Lighthouse B&B will be a time-out from the everyday routines and a once-in-a-life-time experience to see what its like to stay in a 19th century lighthouse. Our recipients of this unique gift will enjoy a two night stay and an enchanting weekend of beautiful scenery, charming decor’ and two days of delightful pampering.

As funding becomes available, our advisory board selects families, couples or an individual (and their guest) that our ministry has been supporting to receive a gift certificate for this unique get-away.
2019 Update on our Bereavement Respite Project:

We have had the privilege to send:

  • One family to the Cape Cod Area –  2016
  • Two couples in consecutive years to Braddock Point Lighthouse B&B – 2017, 2018
  • An Individual and their guest to Braddock Point Lighthouse B&B – 2019
This project is near and dear to our hearts and we are trusting God for it’s continuation and the opportunity to expand our outreach to
Those Who are Hurting.
Please make sure to read our testimonials, below, written and shared some of the recipients of this unique gift
Get Involved:
We have many hurting hearts that we would so desire to send on future respites. If you have a candidate in mind that you would like to see as a recipient for this unique gift, please send an email to; with the subject Bereavement Respite Project. 
Financial Contributions:
Donate to the Bereavement Respite Project by visiting our Donation Page
In the comments section write:
Bereavement Respite Project donation.
Donate your Space in Your Oceanside or Lakeside, Cottage or Home:
Are you the owner of a charming oceanside or lakeside cottage, beach house or home? We are currently seeking donors to lend their cottage or home for weekday or weekend Bereavement Respites. Please email or call if you would like to pioneer with us in expanding our outreach to those experiencing complicated grief. Your donation of a peaceful and comforting space may be exactly what is needed to help heal a broken heart!
Call: 585-334-9048 ext.236, or email:


The dream we created included a home and a family with four children. The first two were Gregory and Benjamin, then Rebecca and Paxton. Benjamin Ministries presented my husband Patrick and I, the gift of a respite to stay at the Braddock Point Lighthouse in Hilton, New York. Pat and I went to the lighthouse respite in the summer. Sadly it was to help us grieve the loss of our son Gregory. Our firstborn son was very successful with a house and nice friends. The day he died was a shock. A motorcycle accident took our son to heaven at the young age of 24. He was one week away from turning 25. 

Our second son was deployed in the US Army. He had a good life until years later when he got out. He, too, suffered from the accident. 

Benjamin passed away last year from the internal issues he suffered from the pain of war. Our older boys died four years apart. We believed they needed to be with each other in heaven. We all miss them dearly. 

We went to on our respite to the Braddock Point B&B in the time between their deaths. We loved the whole property. The lighthouse, bed and breakfast, and the lake view from our room. 

My husband loved the security of the room and I saw searched and meditated outside by the water and the huge porch. The first evening we came back from dinner, he went to the bedroom and I stayed in the common room, still hurting and emotional from Gregory‘s death. To my surprise, we weren’t alone at the B&B. They had another guest. 

She and I talked, and I found out she was a minister. I had asked her if she knew the Waterman‘s and she did not. We spent two evenings just talking about everything and nothing. I called her my earth angel. 

While my husband was grieving alone, which is fine, and I do it also, I met a person I didn’t know and was able to let out all of my built up feelings that come with grief. Shockingly she had the same first name is I, Janet. 

I took away from the Braddock lighthouse many positive things. It’s OK to say no and to cry. Tears our prayers when we are too weak to speak. I am on auto pilot, decision-making is not easy. My thoughts are under my control. Time helps with clarity; developing routines and working on pushing away negativity. 

This respite helped me to take some bigger baby steps, and eventually I’ll be back in my grown-up shoes.

Janet, Chili, NY​

I ​want to say thank you to Benjamin Ministries for the gift of a weekend at Braddock Bay Lighthouse. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we were there. The breakfast was outstanding and the rooms were very nice.  The view from our room was very beautiful, overlooking the ​Lake​. The owners were so very nice and very accommodating. We enjoyed visiting with other guests as well. It definitely is a weekend to remember. Thank you so much Ben Min!

Stephanie, Henrietta, NY​


In the Light:

Christ-Centered Bereavement Support Groups:

The In the Light bereavement support group has been established and is growing in the greater Rochester area. This peer-led group meets monthly to help comfort, educate, and provide spiritual encouragement to those who are hurting due to the loss of a loved one. It is a step of strength to find support in the grieving journey. If you need a safe place to heal by expressing your inward thoughts, and you are willing to listen to others who are also grieving, In the Light is for you. We will dive into the Holy Scriptures for treasures that can lend healing to the bereaved.

We are currently seeking a more private space for our support group meetings as our group is growing. Please check our Events page for more information on meeting times and locations and the following link to learn more about In the Light Support Group.

Learn more about our In the Light bereavement support group

Branching Out:

Gathering Support from the local church…

As we grow in requests for the services that Benjamin Ministries provides, we need help from the church. Dan and Pam Waterman, founders and directors of Benjamin Ministries are available to make a visit and to present the resources of this most unique Christ based bereavement support on the planet to your church community. If you believe that additional Christ based bereavement support is needed in your community, around the USA and the world, we encourage you to take action now—

Call or email to schedule a ministry presentation today! Your pioneering spirit could help to heal a broken heart that is ready to give up their faith or even take their very own life. Unresolved grief is a tragedy that must be reversed; Jesus wants to heal the broken-hearted—Ben Min is here to help!

Call: 585-334-9048 ext.236, or email: