Bereavement Packages:

Our bereavement packages continue to be delivered across the country. For over 10 years we have been sending our packages. They are well recepted and in many cases the In Memoriam plaques we design for those who have lost a loved ones become a lifelong treasure. These packages have always been a gift of Benjamin Ministries and we, quite frankly, would have it no other way. As each package is valued between $45.00-$50.00 we depend on the help of generous donors for the ongoing costs and delivery of these packages.

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Bereavement Respite Project:

The Benjamin Ministries Bereavement Respite Project is underway.
This project has been established in a continuing effort to help those who are experiencing complicated grief. As the Ben Min team understands that it is highly suggested to have a bereavement respite in order to help with the grieving process, we have been working hard behind the scenes to get this project up and running. We have heard the still small voice of the Lord and we are listening.
As funding becomes available, our advisory board selects families, couples or individuals that our ministry has worked with to receive a gift certificate for this unique get-away.
We are excited to share that we have now sent one family and two couples away on a bereavement respite as of the summer of 2018. Our most recent couples had the opportunity receive a gift certificate to the Braddock Point Lighthouse B&B in Hilton, NY, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. This historical landmark makes for a charming and peaceful escape for anyone, and especially for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We are praying for opportunity to expand this project and are currently raising funds to present a 4th gift certificate. Please make sure to read our testimonials from some of the couples we have sent on a bereavement respite. The Lord is at work!
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Pray with us for the doors to be opened for many more certificates to be given away. The bittersweet is that Benjamin Ministries is not lacking for candidates to send on a Bereavement Respite. We a are here because we care.
Financial Contributions
Donate to the Bereavement Respite Project by visiting our donation page and simply writing, Bereavement Respite Project in the notes.
Donate your oceanside or lakeside cottage or home.
Are you the owner of a charming oceanside or lakeside cottage or home? We are currently seeking donors to lend their cottage or home for weekday or weekend Bereavement Respite escapes. Please email or call Benjamin Ministries and ask to speak with Pam for more details:
585-334-9048 ext.236
The dream we created included a home and a family with four children. The first two were Gregory and Benjamin, then Rebecca and Paxton. Benjamin Ministries presented my husband Patrick and I, the gift of a respite to stay at the Braddock Point Lighthouse in Hilton, New York. Pat and I went to the lighthouse respite in the summer. Sadly it was to help us grieve the loss of our son Gregory. Our firstborn son was very successful with a house and nice friends. The day he died was a shock. A motorcycle accident took our son to heaven at the young age of 24. He was one week away from turning 25. 

Our second son was deployed in the US Army. He had a good life until years later when he got out. He, too, suffered from the accident. 

Benjamin passed away last year from the internal issues he suffered from the pain of war. Our older boys died four years apart. We believed they needed to be with each other in heaven. We all miss them dearly. 

We went to on our respite to the Braddock Point B&B in the time between their deaths. We loved the whole property. The lighthouse, bed and breakfast, and the lake view from our room. 

My husband loved the security of the room and I saw searched and meditated outside by the water and the huge porch. The first evening we came back from dinner, he went to the bedroom and I stayed in the common room, still hurting and emotional from Gregory‘s death. To my surprise, we weren’t alone at the B&B. They had another guest. 

She and I talked, and I found out she was a minister. I had asked her if she knew the Waterman‘s and she did not. We spent two evenings just talking about everything and nothing. I called her my earth angel. 

While my husband was grieving alone, which is fine, and I do it also, I met a person I didn’t know and was able to let out all of my built up feelings that come with grief. Shockingly she had the same first name is I, Janet. 

I took away from the Braddock lighthouse many positive things. It’s OK to say no and to cry. Tears our prayers when we are too weak to speak. I am on auto pilot, decision-making is not easy. My thoughts are under my control. Time helps with clarity; developing routines and working on pushing away negativity. 

This respite helped me to take some bigger baby steps, and eventually I’ll be back in my grown-up shoes.

​ Janet, Chili, NY​
​I ​want to say thank you to Benjamin Ministries for the gift of a weekend at Braddock Bay Lighthouse. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we were there. The breakfast was outstanding and the rooms were very nice.  The view from our room was very beautiful, overlooking the ​Lake​. The owners were so very nice and very accommodating. We enjoyed visiting with other guests as well. It definitely is a weekend to remember. Thank you so much Ben Min!
Stephanie, Henrietta, NY​

Christ-Centered Bereavement Support Groups:

The In the Light bereavement support group has been introduced and is growing in the Chili, NY area. This peer-led group is a meeting place for those who are hurting and in need a safe place to heal, bond, examine their hearts, and dive into the scriptures for treasures that will heal the very heart and soul of the bereaved. We ask that you would pray with us as we prepare to begin a second In the Light bereavement group in the Henrietta, New York area. As we see the need for new groups to begin, we will be happy to speak to local pastors to share awareness of a need that may be in their very own church and/or community and help them to establish a support group.

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Branching Out:

Gathering Support from the local church…

We are very excited to report that we have started on the journey of presenting Benjamin Ministries to local churches in order to raise awareness and support for this vital ministry. We depend on the generosities of folks who share our vision to continue in reaching out to the bereaved. We do not take any financial gift lightly as we know that the gifts and resources given to our ministry are made from sacrifices deep in the hearts of those who carry our passion for those who are grieving. There is nothing that excites us more than knowing that we are working together to offer hope to the hurting during the intense time of needed support for those who are bereaving.

To learn more about how your church or organization can partner with Benjamin Ministries, contact us and request an information packet.