Recommended Ministries

Ministries and non-profit organizations we have partnered with, and/or recommend as a valuable resource.

Agape Counseling — non-denominational Christian professional psychological counseling services.

Family Life Ministries — Christ-centered radio, performing arts and Biblical counseling ministry.

Focus on the Family — global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive

Hunter’s Hope Foundation — ministry established by Jim and Jill Kelly, dedicated to bringing encouragement and hope to families in the midst of suffering

International Gospel Missions — international missions agency, ministry partner of Benjamin Ministries

Bible Sprout – to educate young Christians with access to the top biblical resources (translations, commentaries, dictionaries) on the web. We’ve also compiled hundreds of bible questions and answers to help young Christians strengthen their faith to become tomorrow’s leaders for Christ.

Kaden’s Kisses — established family program, through Hunter’s Hope Foundation, to help alleviate some of the financial burden faced by families who have lost a child